We buy, trade, lease, loan, exchange and hire lighthouse artefacts worldwide.

Some surplus items may be available for sale.

If your organisation is disposing of decommissioned lighthouse equipment, we would love to hear from you.

Please see below a list of our equipment. If you are interested in any items, send us an enquiry.

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Item No. Description

Item 1

4th Order Chance Brothers Rotating Lens

4th-order-chance-brothers-rotating-lens-1 4th-order-chance-brothers-rotating-lens2 4th-order-chance-brothers-rotating-lens3 enquire

Item 2
4th Order Barbier Bernard and Turenne Lighthouse Clamshell Lens

4th-order-Barbier-Bernard-and-Turenne-clamshell-lens-1 4th-order-Barbier-Bernard-and-Turenne-clamshell-lens-2 enquire

Item 3
4th Order Barbier Bernard and Turenne Lighthouse Lens with Triple Flash

4th-order-Barbier-Bernard-and-Turenne-lens-triple-flash-1 4th-order-Barbier-Bernard-and-Turenne-lens-triple-flash-2 4th-order-Barbier-Bernard-and-Turenne-lens-triple-flash-3 4th-order-Barbier-Bernard-and-Turenne-lens-triple-flash-4 enquire

Item 4
4th Order Barbier Bernard and Turenne Lighthouse Eclipse Lens

4th-order-Barbier-Bernard-and-Turenne-lens-elipse-1 4th-order-Barbier-Bernard-and-Turenne-lens-elipse-2 4th-order-Barbier-Bernard-and-Turenne-lens-elipse-3 4th-order-Barbier-Bernard-and-Turenne-lens-elipse-4 enquire

Item 5
Chance Brothers Sector Lenses

chance_brothers_sector_lenses enquire

Item 6
Various Acetylene Buoys, AGA, Joyce, Brandt

Various-acetylene-buoys-AGA-Joyce-Brandt enquire

Item 7
4th Order Double Stacked Drum Lens (500mm focal diam, unknown maker)

4th-order-500mm-double-stacked-drum-lens enquire

Item 8
AGA 300mm Drum Lens with Ground Polished Rings (stacked together)

AGA-300mm-drum-lens-with-polished-rings enquire

Item 9
3rd Order Chance Brothers Catadioptric Panels for Eclipse Lens

3rd-order-Chance-Brothers-catadioptric-panels-1 3rd-order-Chance-Brothers-catadioptric-panels-2 enquire

Item 10
Chance Brothers 1st Order Group Flash Panels

1st-order-Chance-Brothers-group-flash-panels enquire

Item 11
Chance Brothers 3rd Middle Order 800mm Beehive Lens c 1920

(Currently being restored) Original Lens from High Peak Island, QLD.

th_3rd_middle enquire

Item 12
Fabulous 1st Order Chance Brothers Lens

(Currently being restored) Original Lens from Eddystone Point, TAS.
10' tall 6' inside diam. Weight approx 3 tonnes.

eddystone_point enquire

Item 13
AGA Sunvalve

AGA_sunvalve AGA_sunvalve enquire

Item 14
AGA Range Leading Buoy Lantern

AGA_leading_buoy enquire

Item 15
Chance Brothers 85mm Incandescent Oil Vapor IOV Burner

oil_vapor_burner enquire

Item 16
AGA 140 Buoy Beacon c1920

Available for sale

aga_140_buoy_beacon aga_140_buoy_beacon aga_140_buoy_beacon aga_140_buoy_beacon enquire

Item 17
Chance Brothers 3rd Order Triple Flash Fresnel Lens c1880 in Superb Original Condition. Complete with Mercury Bath Pedestal


3rd_order_triple_flash 3rd_order_triple_flash 3rd_order_triple_flash 3rd_order_triple_flash 3rd_order_triple_flash enquire

Item 18
4th Order BBT Fresnel Lens Triple Flash with Rotating Base and Clockwork

4th_order_BBT_fresnel_lens 4th_order_BBT_fresnel_lens enquire

Item 19
IOV (Incandescent Oil Vapor) Burners. 35mm, 55mm and 85mm Mantles

IOV_burners_35mm_55mm_85mm enquire

Item 20
BBT Clockwork Driving Unit Suitable for 5th and 6th Order Lens

BBT_clockwork_driving_unit BBT_clockwork_driving_unit BBT_clockwork_driving_unit enquire

Item 21
AGA 200 Buoy beacon Superbly Restored in Mint Condition

Port and Starboard as a pair available

AGA_200_buoy_beacon enquire

Other fabulous items are being added, please stay tuned.


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